Thu, 5 Dec, 2019

Scott Morrison linked to controversial ‘miracles-for-money’ church

Scott Morrison linked to controversial ‘miracles-for-money’ church

A pastor linked to Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been accused of sexual misconduct in a controversial ‘miracles-for-money’ church.

Pastor Anthony Shalala – who hosted then-Treasurer Morrison at the opening of a new church in 2016 – was paid a compensation of $300,000 to leave C3 Church following claims of sexual misconduct, A Current Affair reported.

In October, Shalala was revealed to have had affairs with three women parishioners. According to a former church member, all of the women disappeared from the congregation afterwards.

Shalala has since died.

The church declined to comment on the payment.

A spokesperson for Morrison said, “This is a tragic situation, in so many ways. But it is also a private matter for the family involved and the Prime Minister’s thoughts are with them at this difficult time.”

C3 Church has come under fire after a number of former followers spoke up against the organisation.

Kerri Ferguson said the church pressured followers to spend large amounts in tithes, even as she struggled to raise five kids on her own.

“They call it a free will gift or free will giving, that simply isn’t true. You’re brainwashed into giving this kind of money,” she said.

“There were nights in our house when my children did not have food. And I never got any assistance whatsoever from anybody.”

Hayley Stewart said C3 pastor Mark Kelsey told her to stop taking prescribed anxiety medication and claimed to have removed her condition through a “deliverance” even though her symptoms did not ease.

“I cannot stress enough that it is extremely dangerous for someone to tell someone who’s prescribed medication to stop their medication,” psychiatrist Dr Mark Cross told A Current Affair.

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