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Wed, 3 Jun, 2015

Rare sight as rain creates waterfalls on Uluru

Rare sight as rain creates waterfalls on Uluru

Visitors to Australia’s red centre were treated to an incredibly rare sight over the weekend when Uluru was hit with a steady stream of rain, making for some spectacular photos. The area surrounding the iconic landmark received about 10.4 millimetres of rain on Saturday and Sunday, causing waterfalls to form, while the top of the rock was blanketed in misty haze.

According to tour guide Monica Foster, only one per cent of visitors to Uluru get to see any kind of rain on the rock, with the occurrence being very rare. The last time it happened, Ms Foster told ABC, was in January.

Tourists didn’t waste time, taking to social media to post their gorgeous snaps of the event. Scroll through our gallery to see Uluru as you’ve never seen it before.

Image credits: Instagram

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