Pregnant Turia Pitt has revealed the joy that motherhood brings to her life

Against all odds, 32-year-old Turia Pitt has announced that she is expecting her second child with her fiancé Michael Hoskin.

"The more we put into life, the more we get out of it,” she told Now To Love.

“You have to keep showing up. Consistency is the key. The journey to success won't always look good, and won't always feel good."

Pitt announced the news of her second pregnancy on her Instagram to millions of Aussies who have shared her journey with her.

"You know that feeling of falling in love? It's kind of like you're high (thank you dopamine and oxytocin). Having a baby is like having this feeling on tap. It's like the honeymoon phase that never ends."

Pitt has endured 200 operations and lost seven fingers in the bushfire that almost killed her and left her with burns to 65 per cent of her body. She has often reflected on the life she wants for her children.

"As a parent you want your kids to be happy," she told Mamamia. "But I know it's not realistic that Hakavai is going to be happy all of the time, because of course he's not going to always get picked for the sports team or maybe he'll have his heart broken by a girl – all of these are very normal challenges we face.

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