Joel Callen


Mon, 1 Jun, 2015

Seniors create great graffiti street art in Portugal

Seniors create great graffiti street art in Portugal

In an effort to help bridge the widening gap between generations, an art initiative in Portugal has been teaching senior citizens about street art, as well as helping them get their hands dirty by creating some of their own. In Lisbon, where there is a major street art scene, LATA 65 has taught over 100 seniors with ages ranging from 63 to 94.

Speaking with The Huffington Post, program founder Lara Rodrigues said that the program has encouraged seniors to get involved in the arts, while also helping them to better understand the meaning of the graffiti they see around the city. “I often say that the spray can has something magical that I cannot explain.”

Image credit: Rafael Marchante / Reuters / Corbis

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