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Thu, 30 Apr, 2015

Why did this man leave a $3,000 tip for his waitress?

Why did this man leave a $3,000 tip for his waitress?

In the US, it’s customary to leave a healthy tip for your server – after all, their wages are generally very low, and food is relatively cheap. Many people think 15 per cent of the bill is acceptable, while some reward outstanding service with 20 per cent. But one man made his server’s year when he left her a tip of almost 7,000 per cent.


The man, who wished to remain known as simply “Mike” paid a bill of US$43.50 and added a gratuity of $3,000. According to Mike, the woman had been serving him for almost a year, and had recently been served an eviction notice. Speaking to ABC News, Mike revealed that he was inspired by a high school teacher’s pay it forward foundation.

The foundation, “ReeSpechtLife” was started after science teacher Rich Specht’s 22-month-old son tragically drowned. Specht and his wife wanted to find a way to thank the people who had helped them through the difficult time, but no one would accept anything in return. So the couple started their foundation, encouraging people to “pay it forward.”

People can log onto the ReeSpechtLife website and leave their stories of how they’ve honoured the foundation’s goals.

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