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Pauline Hanson “unrecognisable” after suffering facial paralysis amid One Nation scandal

Pauline Hanson “unrecognisable” after suffering facial paralysis amid One Nation scandal

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has been left “unrecognisable” after being bitten on the face by a tick.

The Queensland senator has cancelled all public appearances as she recovers from the aftermath of the bug bite.

The reports come a day after media outlet Al Jazeera exposed Hanson’s chief-of-staff James Ashby and One Nation’s Queensland leader Steve Dickson for colluding with the American National Rifle Association (NRA) in the hopes to receive a $20 million donation.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Senator Hanson’s sister said that she was not feeling well.

“No, she’s not okay,” she said.

Sean Bell, the spokesman for the party also confirmed the news, saying that Hanson was bitten on the face by a tick.

According to Daily Mail Australia, the politician is “unrecognisable” due to suffering from a severe reaction.

Tick bites are not known to commonly cause infections but can trigger an allergic reaction in rare instances.

Tick bites can also cause partial facial paralysis, rashes, headache, fever, intolerance to bright lights and flu-like symptoms.

But despite not feeling well, Senator Hanson took to Twitter to reveal her disgust against Al Jazeera for their undercover investigation.

“I was shocked and disgusted with the Al Jazeera hit piece,” she said.

“A Qatari government organisation should not be targeting Australian political parties.”

She also mentioned how she reported Al Jazeera to the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), a day after the ABC aired part one of the confronting documentary.

With the second part of the documentary airing next week, Hanson said: “After the full hit piece has been released, I’ll make a full statement and take all appropriate action.”