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Wed, 6 May, 2015

80-year-old woman graduates college alongside 2 of her grandchildren

80-year-old woman graduates college alongside 2 of her grandchildren

A woman graduated from Miami-Dade College in Florida this past weekend, earning her associate of arts degree in education. Now, this is always a wonderful achievement, and should earn praise no matter who you are. But what makes this woman’s story so special is that she is 80 years old, and graduated alongside two of her grandchildren.

Rosa Salgado first enrolled in the college the year after she immigrated to the United States from Colombia. According to various news outlets, Ms Salgado worked at the school’s childcare centre alongside her schedule of classes to help support her family. When the centre changed locations, the dedicated student took five different bus routes to get to work and school. Then, about 10 years ago, Ms Salgado’s daughter was in an accident, so she had to change her schedule to part-time.

Having overcome all the obstacles in her path, Rosa graduated with honours on the weekend, earning the praise of her family and teachers. With her new degree in hand, Ms Salgado wants to illustrate children’s stories and write poems for children.

Image credit: Miami Herald

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