Wed, 10 Apr, 2019Tiana Gullotta

Obsessed Kmart fan “moves in” to the store – and lives there for 24 hours

Australian comedian Jason Pestell took his love for Kmart one step further and decided to “move in” to the store for 24 hours.

Mr Pestell drover 160km south of Perth to a 24-hour Kmart store where he began his challenge: “I will attempt to live a full day in Kmart because #Kmartislife.” 

He documented his experience via Instagram stories.

He turned to lollies for food and the utensil section where he could get “one bar of 4G” to upload pictures and answer the questions from fans watching from social media.

To pass the hours Mr Pestell completes Sudoku crosswords, personalises mugs, talks to employees, briefly explaining his mission, and redecorates letter displays.

Some people asked very logical questions like, would he leave to use the bathroom? He answered in comedic fashion by posting a picture of a pet potty mat and captioned it: “To those asking the obvious question. I got it covered.”

As for meals, he turned to the lolly section for unlimited supplies. After a fear when he was informed that Uber Eats don’t deliver to Eaton shopping centre where he was located, the Kmart staff were kind enough to bring Jason coffee and some late-night McDonald’s to get him through.

For a sleeping situation, he shared that he found a comfortable looking camping chair and made a pillow fort.

After 2am, Mr Pestell answered a question asking if he was losing his mind yet. He honestly answered, “I swear this [mannequin] waved at me.”

In the end, he made it through and said, “I received a round of applause from staff and other members of the community.”

Scroll through the gallery above to see what it was like for Mr Pestell to live for 24 hours in a Kmart store. 

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