Danielle McCarthy


Tue, 24 Oct, 2017

Mum's fury after Woolworths product burns son

Mum's fury after Woolworths product burns son

A Queensland mum has claimed that Halloween face-paint she bought from Woolworths has left her son with severe burns.

Alexandra Leigh Carter said her four-year-old son Mckenzie wore the $4 makeup for three minutes before he complained it was hurting him.

The mum-of-three said the pain “severely burnt” her son’s skin and urged Woolworths to discontinue the product.

“We did this as a trial run for Halloween and safe to say I’ll never be using face paint again,” Alexandra wrote on Facebook.

“I’ve had his face painted countless times, though whatever is in your product is horrific," she continued.

“I’d like to see this product discontinued in case another child has to go through this or the parent that’s scared for her/his child. What rubbish!”

A Woolworths spokeswoman told 7News Online this was the first complaint the company had received since the product was introduced earlier this month.

“We always work hard with our suppliers to ensure all products supplied meet the safety and quality standards our customers expect,” she said.

“This product has gone through thorough testing with our supplier, and customers should be assured that it meets our stringent quality standards."

Alexandra said she first tested the makeup on her son’s wrist for 15-20 minutes, but there was no reaction.

After she washed the paint off Mckenzie’s face, Alexandra called 13-HEALTH and gave him an antihistamine.

Alexandra said Woolworths was quick to respond to her complaint and is conducting an internal investigation. 

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