Joel Callen


Wed, 20 May, 2015

Cleaning tricks that will save you money

Cleaning tricks that will save you money

Who wants to be spending time and money shopping for cleaning products when a few simple tips are all you need to remember in order to save yourself some dollars?

Go for foam

A foaming cleaner in the bathroom is going to cling to those tricky vertical surfaces like wall tiles and bathtubs much better than an ordinary spray, which means you’ll get a better result from less product. Use a cloth or sponge to spread the spray around and leave it for a few minutes – this way it will penetrate any dirt and grime, and you can return to wipe or rinse it away.

Spray the cloth

If you’re cleaning a mirror, stainless steel, or even polishing furniture, it’s much more effective to spray your product directly onto the cloth. You won’t leave excess cleaner behind on the surface, so what you do use will go further.

Measure that detergent

When you’re doing the laundry, or even putting on the dishwasher, you should try to use the correct measurements. Adding more detergent isn’t going to make things cleaner, and can actually leave clothes soapy at the end of the cycle. If you’re using a concentrated detergent, be sure to use the lines on those caps so you don’t go overboard and waste it.

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