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Mixed emotions in Folau household as Maria and Israel face their weekends

Mixed emotions in Folau household as Maria and Israel face their weekends

The Folau couple have endured very different weekends as they have usually reserved Sunday nights for sport.

Israel Folau was forced to watch on as his former Wallabies teammates secured a record-setting win over New Zealand at a whopping 47-26. This means that they are in the running to win the Bledisloe Cup.

The Wallabies have secured bragging rights for the first time since 2002 and was a surprising outcome for Aussie fans and rugby players alike as they were forced to watch the same outcome for the last 17 years.

One can only imagine how Israel felt as his former teammates have put on a memorable performance at the sport he used to play.

Many rugby fans were curious as to how the Wallabies would fill the backline hole that was left by Israel’s absence, but if the rugby team can continue to perform as they did on Saturday night, he might not be as missed as much as everyone thought.

As Israel continues to fight for his $10 million payout saying that he did nothing wrong and that he shouldn’t be punished for his post on Instagram saying that gay people are destined for hell if they don’t repent for their sins, it appears that the national team has moved on without him.

Things were looking up for his wife, Maria, as she led the Adelaide Thunderbirds to a 71-59 win over the Queensland Firebirds on Sunday.

Maria was efficient on the court, finishing with 35 goals from 38 attempts in front of a packed stadium in Queensland.

“I was a fangirl of her when I was growing up and still am,” Thunderbirds centre Hannah Petty said of the New Zealand international to

“She's full of confidence and helps everyone around her.

“Maria's the calmest customer I've come across. Every time you look at her when you're feeling a bit rattled, she says take a deep breath.

“She makes everyone play better.”