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Fri, 6 Feb, 2015

Melbourne named as Australia’s top city to visit in 2015

Melbourne named as Australia’s top city to visit in 2015

Australia is blessed with some of the best cities in the world – from the iconic harbour in Sydney to the pristine beaches of Western Australia and everything in between, our cities have international tourist flocking to our shores.

But what’s the city that’s on Aussies “wish-list” to visit for 2015?

Travel and lifestyle website surveyed over 4100 Australians with the majority picking Australia’s cultural and coffee capital, Melbourne, as their number one choice. spokesperson, Louise Ryan says Melbourne is number one for many reasons.

“Melbourne is best known as the cosmopolitan mecca of Australia, however, it's much more than that; it's an intoxicating mix of sophistication and guilty pleasures,” she said. 

“It’s the ultimate Aussie city to ‘play up’ in. Whether that is maxing the budget by shopping till you drop, late night espresso martinis at an inner city rooftop bar, or lazy days drinking coffee and people watching in one of the city’s hidden lane ways.”

Here’s the full “wish list”

1. Melbourne, Victoria

2. Perth, Western Australia

3. Hobart, Tasmania

4. Sydney, NSW

5. Darwin, Northern Territory

6. Brisbane, Queensland

7. Adelaide, South Australia

8. Canberra, ACT

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