Basmah Qazi

“Like we didn’t love her enough”: Jacinda Ardern’s beautiful gesture for stranger

“Like we didn’t love her enough”: Jacinda Ardern’s beautiful gesture for stranger

She was thrust into the spotlight for all the right reasons due to the way she handled the tragic Christchurch attack, and now, Jacinda Ardern has sealed her good Samaritan status after her lovely gesture towards a mother-of-two.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand was the forefront of a social media post after she was spotted paying for a woman’s groceries at a supermarket checkout.

The gracious shopper had realised she had forgotten her purse, which is when the 38-year-old stepped in to lend a helping hand.

“(Ardern) paid for my friends’ shopping in the supermarket the other day when she had forgotten her purse and had two screaming kids in tow,” wrote Helen Burness on Twitter, adding: “Like we didn’t love her enough.”

When asked about the incident during a press conference, the mother-of-one admitted that the story was true, saying she had chosen to help the woman “because she was a mum” herself.

Ardern gave birth to her daughter Neve last June, becoming the second prime minister in the world to give birth while in office.

She famously brought her baby girl to the UN Assembly of New York shortly after.

The politician won hearts around the globe thanks to her compassionate response towards the victims of the Christchurch massacre and their families last month, which took the lives of 50 Muslims at their place of worship.

Her actions were described by the media as a combination of “solace and steel” as she introduced tougher gun laws immediately after the attack, whilst providing support to grieving families.