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Mon, 23 Mar, 2015

Thirsty kangaroo got his head stuck in a watering can

Thirsty kangaroo got his head stuck in a watering can

A poor kangaroo that was seemingly desperate for some H20 got himself into a bit of conundrum over the weekend. Spotted in a paddock near a golf course at Coffin Bay in South Australia on Saturday morning, the that kangaroo got its head stuck in a watering can was luckily saved by two quick-thinking men.

Men Helping Kangaroo Head Watering CanIan Berry, who had just finished a round of golf, went to check on the kangaroo as two men who had spotted it earlier returned to the paddock with a rope and tin cutters. 

“They used rope first... one had rope tied around the can and the other had the roo’s tail and they tried pulling but it didn't work,” Mr Berry said.

“At this point it was pretty tired because it had been trying to kick the can off... [the men] were able to get close enough to cut the can off.”

By attaching ropes to the roo’s tail and watering can, Rob Smith and Steve Dew, were able to pull and free the kangaroo after several attempts.

“It wouldn't have survived too long if Rob and Steve hadn't gotten the can off,” Mr Berry said.

“He is one lucky kangaroo... he hopped off, no doubt with a sore neck, but happy to be alive.”

Kangaroo Jumping To Get Head Out Of Watering Can

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