Courtney Allan


Tue, 14 May, 2019

John Howard launches scathing attack on “sneering” Bill Shorten

John Howard launches scathing attack on “sneering” Bill Shorten

Former Prime Minister John Howard is charming those who live in Warringah as he joins Tony Abbott on his campaign trail for one of Australia’s most affluent seats.

As it has been in the hands of Abbott since 1994, he’s hoping it will stay that way.

Howard, whose been a long time friend of Abbott for the last 30 years, stood in front of reporters and gave a scathing criticism of Bill Shorten’s focus on “the top end of town” as well as the demolition of the Labor party. 

The Daily Telegraph reported: "I detect in the community a lot of growing suspicion that Bill Shorten is after your savings," started Howard.

"They don't want it taken away through taxes by Mr Shorten."

He then appealed directly to the voters of Warringah, who live on Sydney’s northern beaches.

"They're not the big end of town. I mean, that is an insult to every successful small businessman who has worked hard, accumulated a bit and wants to leave it to his kids," he said.

"I mean that's what this country is all about!"

Howard continued to pick up steam and continued:

"That's what people aspire to do! And this fella’ Shorten is after those people, and he sneers at them, says, 'You're the big end of town', and his putative treasurer Chris Bowen says if people don't like it, don't vote for us.

"Well I hope that people don't like it and don't vote for it."

His words roused the crowd, who applauded after Howard was finished.

It was then Abbott’s turn to impress the crowd.

He started by appealing to voters “who might be inclined to want to protest against things that may or may not have happened inside the Liberal Party".

Abbott also said that voters should "remember someone is going to be the government on Sunday, and it is much better to have a Liberal government than a Labor one".

"I'm more confident now than I was a month ago, but this is going to go down to the wire," Mr Abbott told the reporters.

As the duo went through Warringah Mall, the sight of John Howard was too much for one excited retiree, who spilt their cappuccino in excitement.

Naturally, Howard said it was his fault and bought her another one.

They were welcomed by shop owners and shoppers, with many stopping to take a photo with former Prime Minister John Howard.