It's come home! Cricket world reacts to Australia’s thrilling Ashes victory

It's come home! Cricket world reacts to Australia’s thrilling Ashes victory

Aussie celebrations are in full swing after a dramatic win in the fourth Ashes Test saw them take the victory for themselves. 

The 185-run win at Old Trafford is a result of two years of planning and hard work by captain Tim Paine and despite a scare from England, Australia was still able to pull off a miracle result. 

It’s the first time Australia has returned with the urn after competing in England since 2001 and was an emotional triumph when the final wicket fell for the whole team. 

Candice Warner, cricketer Steve Warner’s wife took to social media to celebrate - with a photograph capturing just how Australia felt when they learnt the win was theirs. 

The Australian cricket world has erupted in excitement, with many fans going online to wish congratulations to the team. 

Paine admitted the team had a “few nervous moments” throughout the fourth Ashes test. 

The win comes after Ben Stokes raised suggestions Australia were bereft of momentum and mettle just a fortnight ago. 

"That was a loss that would break a lot of teams but I was really confident that we weren't one of those teams. I could feel it," Paine reflected.

"The group has clearly been through a fair bit of adversity, some more than others, but a lot of the guys in that change room have been through what happened at Cape Town.

"It's times like that you find out what sort of people you have got. People can roll up and give up or keep fighting.

"We've got a group of guys who have come back and kept fighting and kept wanting to get better, keep wanting to be in situations like we were at Headingley ... Headingley's loss makes today all the more sweeter after a lot of people wrote us off."