Wed, 12 Sep, 2018Danielle McCarthy

“It’s moving”: Woman’s deadly discovery in her laundry

“It’s moving”: Woman’s deadly discovery in her laundry

A Queensland mother has shared footage from the terrifying encounter she had while attempting to do her washing at home.

Bernie Beddie was completing her household chores when a deadly snake appeared in her laundry.

Filming the deadly eastern brown snake, Ms Beddie's footage shows the reptile trying to outsmart the snake catcher who was called to their home to deal with the surprise guest. 

The woman can be heard saying in the video: “The snake catcher is on its way – and it’s moving!”

“Stay there, snake,” Ms Beddie orders to the serpent, before having a meltdown when it temporarily disappears.

Although it didn’t take long for the snake catcher to arrive at her home, the snake moved under her washing machine.

The catcher unplugged the washing machine from the wall and moved it outside, but the reptile was still difficult to locate.

“Come on out,” the snake catcher calls to the snake.

Anxiously watching on, the mother says: “I’m glad the kids aren’t here.”

Ms Beddie’s cats also attempt to have a look at the commotion in the laundry, before they are shooed away by their owner.

The catcher eventually managed to get hold of the eastern brown snake and then quickly placed it inside his bag.

“You get in there and stay there,” the snake catcher told the difficult snake. “Get back down!”

One friend commented on her video, writing: “Omg I would be moving out, stuff that.”

Another added that it was $70 well spent to get the deadly snake removed from her home.