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Mon, 1 Jun, 2015

Humphrey B. Bear looks set to make a television comeback – but what will change?

Humphrey B. Bear looks set to make a television comeback – but what will change?

There’s nothing quite like a reunion with an old friend, and this exciting news has us jumping up and down. Having recently celebrated his 50th birthday, it looks like Humphrey B. Bear could be set to make a comeback on Australian screens.

After the iconic pant-less bear disappeared from televisions in 2009, he’s been sorely missed; if only by the generations who grew up enjoying his antics. Recently, entrepreneur Shane Yeend acquired the rights to the character, with the intention of using him as a charity mascot. The charity Yeend had in mind, however, disbanded, and Humphrey became a road safety educator and a hospital foundation “ambassabear.”

The public response to Humphrey was incredible, according to Yeend, with people lining up to take photos with their childhood friend. Yeend spoke to friends in the entertainment industry, with the result that tests and negotiations are currently underway to see Humphrey make a (hopefully) triumphant return to Aussie living rooms by way of television screens. Just not quite as you remember him.

It looks like Humphrey will almost certainly become an animated character with a voice, instead of a human in a suit who doesn’t speak. According to experts, children are used to characters that speak now, and Humphrey will need to engage with that familiarity if he is to succeed. Reports have suggested that two “Australian A-list Hollywood actors” are interested in voicing Humphrey, but there’s no word yet on who they might be.

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