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"Homophobic": Scott Cam strikes back at The Block contestants in another heated exchange

"Homophobic": Scott Cam strikes back at The Block contestants in another heated exchange

Tension have continued to run high on another episode of The Block as the fiery couple Mitch and Mark went head to head with Scott Cam. 

On Sunday night, Mitch and Mark blew up at the show’s host for constantly referring to their upstairs living area as a “party room,” and implied he was judging their lifestyle. 

The accusation made for an uncomfortable exchange in which Cam insisted he was delivering the feedback by the judges who praised contestants El’ise and Matt for designing their bedroom from the “noisy people” next door. 

While Mitch said he wished to put the argument to bed, footage aired on Monday night's episode of him saying Scott should :”Go f**k himself”. 

“By 2019 homophobic innuendos are f***ing not on,” Mitch furiously said to Cairns couple Tess and Luke while backstage.

“F***ing done with comments from people like him, aimed at people like me. Go f**k yourself,” he exclaimed. 

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Cam later approached the couple to “clear the air” by saying: “I want to make it clear when I say and when the judges say you’re designing a home for people like you — they’re referring to cashed up empty nesters like me and my wife, like you guys, like some of our friends who are in their 50s — that’s who we’re referring to.

“It’s a bit concerning,” he continued. 

“Nothing could be further from the truth if you thought we were just referring to something about sexuality or gay couples, that is absolutely not the case,” Cam said. Mark responded “You and I had joked about it being a ‘party house’, that it’s about people partying, going out, late nights and I said no we don’t do that anymore … 

“There was that connection made, but I understand now and I accept what you’re saying.”

Cam reiterated he meant no offence and said he was “flabbergasted” as to why they were so impacted, but still felt sorry. 

While Mark accepted the apology, the situation escalated when Cam pointed out the couple had a “service kitchen” in a living area which would in fact make their space an entertainment area. 

“A kitchen that wraps around the room to service the living area with a bar area and food service points … you keep saying this is not the party house, which we’re not going to call it anymore … ” the host began said before Mitch interjected; “It’s an entertaining space.”

Cam became frustrated and added:  “By the way, I know things were said about me, with regard to my character about you guys, and I don’t accept that.

“I was offended and I was expecting you to say sorry once I explained it, but you didn’t say sorry you said ‘thank you’,”

Mark muttered “oh well,” after Scott stormed off and Mitch responded to his partner, “whoops”. 

The contestants have called their house an “entertainers home” for  “cashed up empty nesters like us” in the past.