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“Highway robbery”: This Aussie city charges motorists $31.41 an hour for off-street parking

“Highway robbery”: This Aussie city charges motorists $31.41 an hour for off-street parking

In a move that’s been described as “highway robbery”, Brisbane CBD is charging motorists the highest short-term off-street parking rates in Australia at an average of $31.41 an hour and $18.30 for just 30 minutes.

Queensland’s motoring group RACQ’s latest CBD Parking Prices Report revealed that the most expensive 30 minute and one-hour parking in Brisbane was at the Treasury Hotel, where motorists pay a massive $50.

Care Park on Tank Street has the most expensive all-day parking at $97.

In surprising news, Brisbane also has the cheapest on-street parking at just $5 an hour compared with Melbourne and Sydney at $7 an and $7.40 an hour.

RACQ spokeswoman Renee Smith said that Brisbane drivers pay the highest rates and that it punishes businesses in the CBD.

“It’s highway robbery for motorists and what we end up seeing is CBD shops and restaurants punished because people can’t justify the cost of a visit,” Ms Smith said in a statement to

“Drivers will also be appalled to learn parking all day in Brisbane, at $76.77, is only on average $1 cheaper than in Sydney. The price jumped more than $4 in the past year. If we don’t see better parking rates in the city, more and more drivers will favour suburban shopping centres where parking is either free or much cheaper.”

Smith said that it was encouraging to see the number of parking stations charging the maximum fee of $89 a day has dropped from seven to four in the last year.

“Drivers still need to employ frugal tactics in order to avoid being stung at the exit station, including booking ahead online and taking advantage of early bird rates,” she said.

The most expensive off-street places to park all-day in Brisbane

  1. 40 Tank Street – Care Park at $97
  2. Eagle Street Pier – Wilson at $89
  3. Waterfront Place 1 Eagle – Wilson at $89
  4. Central Plaza 2 – Wilson at $89
  5. 363 Adelaide Street – Wilson at $89