Joel Callen


Fri, 17 Apr, 2015

Why high heels can lead to knee replacements

Why high heels can lead to knee replacements

While many women are all-too familiar with the pain that can come from wearing high-heeled shoes. But the temporary pain could be nothing compared to what’s in store for women who wear high heels on a regular basis.

A study performed at Stanford University looked at biochemical function of high heels, and its effect on the human body. The research showed that women’s knee joints looked and behaved just like aged and damaged joints when high heels were worn. The results also found that wearing high heels can wear away cartilage in the knees. In extreme cases, this loss of cartilage can lead to necessary surgery or knee replacement.

The cause of all this trouble stems from the extreme angle at which one’s feet are held by high heels. The angle increases the pressure on the knee by more than 25 per cent, placing significant pressure on the kneecaps when you’re not walking around.

Podiatrists recommend sticking to heels with a height of less than five centimetres, saving the higher ones for special occasions.

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