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He’s done it again! Steve Smith leads Australia to another “peerless” victory

He’s done it again! Steve Smith leads Australia to another “peerless” victory

Cricketer Steve Smith has earnt another incredible achievement by leading Australia to another glorious victory. 

While his team and opponents have been scrambling for every run they could this summer, Smith has been scoring hundreds with ease. 

The Aussie Sportsman scored his third century in four innings this Ashes series, and went on to score 211 for a third time in his monumental career. 

Smith said he felt it was England’s dropped catch and costly no-ball that made it easy to dominate at Old Trafford. 

"To go as short as they did, and as early as they did with the new ball, (it) softened that ball up and played into our hands," Smith said.

"If they bowl a lot at my head then they're not bowling at my stumps and trying to get me out lbw and caught behind.

"When Stuart Broad came on with the new ball, he bowled some really nice lengths and beat my bat ... I got an inside edge.

"He was quite challenging when he hit that length."

The world has rallied behind Smith, labelling him a “freak of nature”. 

“Champion block! Champion cricketer,” one person wrote. 

Another added: “Steve Smith is a god amongst men”.

Australia has a golden opportunity to retain the Ashes at Old Trafford, however they will need to bring a hard, aggressive form of cricket for day three.