Thu, 22 Oct, 2020

Greg Norman on Trump: "He's done a phenomenal job"

Greg Norman on Trump: "He's done a phenomenal job"

Greg Norman has spoken out in support of Donald Trump, saying he believes the president can win a second term in November.

Despite the “quiet support” for him, the golfing legend gave his full endorsement of the controversial President while speaking with The Australian. 

“(From) my business perspective, he’s done a phenomenal job,” Norman said. 

“He has ­pretty much stuck to all his promises he made when he was elected.

“Very few people who are elected as president follow through on their promises.

“Yes, he is bombastic; yes, he has a different style; but to see him actually commit to his word about what he wants to do is actually pretty impressive.

“And it’s having a domino effect on the American economy, it has a domino effect on people I employ.”

Norman said he had also met Democrat candidate Joe Biden, who had impressed him by asking to hear his views on “golf and on life”. 

He went on to say however that “the people around him” are “potentially giving him advice”.

Norman and Trump have been familiar with each other since the sportsman first became a prominent figure in the golf word. 

He was also involved in brokering a meeting between the US President and then-Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull a few years ago. 

Greg Norman and his wife Kirsten Kutner arrive for the State Dinner at The White House honouring Australian PM Scott Morrison on September 20, 2019 in Washington, DC. (

Norman also would attend a state dinner back in 2019 at the White House to honour current Prime Minister Scott Morrison. 

“It was very, very classy. You read about all of the (stuff) that people are saying, there’s two sides to everything. It was by far the best event I’ve ever been at my entire life,” Norman said in 2019.

“It was truly showing the great respect that Big Brother has for Little Brother, which is the United States to Australia,” Norman added. 

“Donald and the First Lady just couldn’t have been nicer, very engaging. 

“We were fortunate to sit at the head table with them and my prime minister I met for the first time that week is a very, very polished guy, a very great speaker. I’m extremely impressed with him and his wife.”

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