Fri, 15 Mar, 2019Courtney Allan

Fit for a Queen! Take a look inside the homes of the royal family

Majority of people think that the British Royal family all live together in Buckingham Palace, but there’s a variety of properties that the Windsor family like to call home.

Australian Woman’s Weekly Royal Editor Juliet Rieden told Nine Honey Homes about the houses that the Royal family live in.

“It’s all about the history. The houses are very grand,” Rieden explained.

Rieden also talked about some of the renovations that are being done to the Frogmore House – the new home of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan.

With renovations costing between $AUD 2.5 and $AUD3.8 million, there’s been extensive work done to restore the Frogmore House.

However, this money comes from the Queen’s sovereign grant. Any other changes that want to be made will be coming out of Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry’s own pockets.

Frogmore House is where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had their wedding reception.

“There’s going to be a nursery, of course. There’s a yoga studio being built for Meghan,” said Rieden.

Prince William and Duchess Kate, however, still have the premium location at Kensington Palace.

“Apartment 1A is the premier location. There are 20 main rooms over four storeys. The family have got a pretty nice place to live in London,” explained Rieden.

The family are surrounded by other royals, including the newly married Princess Eugenie, who has moved into a cottage at the Palace.

However, Prince Charles and Camilla come out on top. They live in Clarence House, which was the property that the Queen lived in with Prince Philip before moving into Buckingham Palace.

Scroll through the gallery above to take a look inside the royal residences.

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