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Fifi Box's emotional moment on daughter Trixie's first day of school

Fifi Box's emotional moment on daughter Trixie's first day of school

School’s back in session for 2019 and many parents are sending off their little ones to primary school for the very first time.

Radio presenter, Fifi Box, was one of those proud parents.

Her daughter, Trixie, has turned five, which means that she’s off to kindergarten.

Box, naturally, was very excited but emotional as well.

The radio presenter posted a snap of her and Trixie as a baby, toddler and child with the caption:

“The night before my baby starts prep tomorrow and I have gone totally emo! How did this happen! She was just born”

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Do you think I could hold her any tighter? 🤣

A post shared by Fifi Box (@fifi_box) on Jan 31, 2019 at 12:25am PST

Many parents who follow Box shared their thoughts as well.

One user commented: “You blink and they’re grown up. You must treasure each milestone and live one day at a time. Sending lots of love.”

Another said that the tears and emotional feelings were totally normal.

“I’m such a sook! I balled when both kids started kinder, finished kinder, started primary school, finished primary and no doubt once again at the end of this year when my eldest finishes secondary school!”

Box then shared a very sweet photo of Trixie ready and eager for prep school.

“This happened today. Trixie was so happy to go to prep she didn’t even notice lizzierosiebox taking off with her favourite doll”

After a long day of prep school, Box then then shared another photo of Trixie exhausted from a very big first day.

The caption read:

“My baby exhausted after her big day at school. So proud of her (yes I sleep with makeup on, I know it’s bad for my skin but I’m lazy and excuse the nanna nighty).”

How did you react on your children's first day of school? Let us know in the comments.