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Elton John opens up in hilarious memoir about Queen Elizabeth and beloved friend Princess Diana

Elton John opens up in hilarious memoir about Queen Elizabeth and beloved friend Princess Diana

In Elton John’s new autobiography titled Me, the famous musician offered up some salacious information about Queen Elizabeth and his dear friend, Princess Diana. 

John, 72, recalled some of his favourite memories and first-hand experiences with members of one of the world’s most famous families. 

In a refreshing twist, the musician shared a delightful story about the British Monarch and her nephew, Princess Margaret’s son Viscount Linley. 

The Queen requested he check on his sister, Lady Armstrong-Jones, who had left a party early feeling sickly. 

However, despite Linley doing his best to avoid fulfilling the request, the Queen did not back down and instead asserted her authority. 

 "When [Linley] repeatedly tried to fob her off," John wrote, per the Times, "the Queen lightly slapped him across the face, saying: “‘Don't'—slap—'argue'—slap—'with'—slap—'me'—slap—'I'—slap—'am'—slap—'THE QUEEN!'"

After the Queen had noticed John had witnessed the entire situation, she winked at him playfully. 

"I know the Queen’s public image isn’t exactly one of wild frivolity, but... in private she could be hilarious”. 

The 72-year-old also shared some heartfelt memories of his late royal friend, Princess Di, who passed away in 1997. 

John wrote the royal was "blessed with an incredible social ease, an ability to make people feel totally comfortable in her company.”

He also noted it was a quality both Prince William and Harry possess as well. 

The celebrity met Princess Di at a party in 1981, and apparently they were both quickly taken with her. 

He recalled the pair “immediately clicked,” and "ended up pretending to dance the Charleston while hooting at the disco’s feebleness.

"She was fabulous company... a real gossip: you could ask her anything and she’d tell you."

Elton John also recalled a specific instance where actor Richard Gerge and Rocky’s Sylvester Stallone fighting over Princess Di at one of John’s wedding parties. 

"Straight away, Gere and Diana seemed very taken with each other," the 72-year-old wrote. 

It was a rapport that did not go down well with Stallone. 

"I think he may have turned up to the party with the express intention of picking Diana up, only to find his plans for the evening ruined”. 

The musician added he was soon having to step in between the two actors who were seen "squaring up to each other, apparently about to settle their differences over Diana by having a fist-fight".

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