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Duchess Kate scolds Prince William on his “nightmare” habit

Duchess Kate scolds Prince William on his “nightmare” habit

He may be the future king, but even Prince William has habits his wife cannot stand.

During their visit to Cyprus, Prince William and Duchess Kate spent time with those who are away from home this Christmas due to being deployed.

The royals, who spent time with the families of military personnel the day before, brought gifts and letters from loved ones to give to the men and women they were visiting.

In a hilarious moment, William came across a set of bright yellow couches and advised the men to “keep the pizza off the sofas!”, to which Kate responded: “You’re a nightmare with that!”

The Duchess of Cambridge seemed to be in high spirits as she wore a khaki green blazer and long black pants – an item of clothing she rarely opts for.

As the Duke and Duchess toured the premises, Kate shared a new milestone 7-month old Prince Louis has achieved, and that is the royal wave.

Rhian Davis, 32, was holding 10-week-old daughter Dorothy in her arms when the Duchess stopped by to have a chat.

“She asked whether she was sleeping through the night, and she told me that Louis is starting to wave,” Davis said about Kate.

The Duchess also spoke about her attempt at trying to show Prince George, 5, and Princess Charlotte, 3, the party that was held for military families yesterday at Kensington Palace when they came home from school and nursery, but everything had already been packed up.

“We took the children down to where the party was, but everything was gone,” she said. “They were so disappointed!”

But George was focused on something else entirely, as William told a group of pilots about the conversation he had with his eldest son.

“I told George this morning we were going to see the pilots today, and he said, ‘If you see a helicopter, can you take a picture?’”