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Fri, 1 May, 2015

You’ll love these hilarious pictures of dogs before and after their baths

You’ll love these hilarious pictures of dogs before and after their baths

Dog lover and dog photographer, Serena Hodson’s new series “Dry Dog Wet Dog” around 17 fluffy dogs before and after bath time.


Hodson said she came up with the idea two years ago when she was taking her dogs for a walk on the beach.

“You would see these big, fluffy dogs run into the water and come out looking like little weeds,” she said.

She started to wonder, “What is under all that hair?” and a charming series was born to capture the personality behind the fur. 

Dog lover turned dog photographer Serene Hodson caught the attention of canine lovers all over Australia with her new series 'Dry Dog Wet Dog'

Ms Hodson said the idea behind the project was always to capture the dogs charming personalities and idiosyncrasies 

While some dogs seemed unphased after getting 'wet down', other's let their expression tell the viewer what they really think

Harry was Ms Hodson's first subject for Wet Dog Dry Dog, and although their first shoot didn't go to plan she said she knew he would be perfect when she picked the project back up

After spending years admiring her friends show dogs, Ms Hodson started to reach out to other owners so she could find some more scruffy models willing to be involved

Ms Hodson said getting the dogs wet really brought out the contrast and texture in their fur while also toning down their appearance just enough for their charming personalities to shine through.

Ms Hodson was primarily known for working with her own dogs and said the project was the perfect opportunity for her to interact with some different breeds

‘Dogs don’t have any hang ups, they don't put on an act, they don’t care what they look like in the photograph and never get temperamental'

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