Tue, 27 Jul, 2021

Could Alan Jones be making a breakfast radio comeback with John Laws?

Could Alan Jones be making a breakfast radio comeback with John Laws?

Alan Jones was on the Laws’ show as a guest and the two radio personalities talked for a good half an hour, chatting about everything from where to get the best Indian food and whether Jones would like to “set the world on fire” by coming back to radio and working with Laws.

At one stage in the conversation, Laws point blank asked Jones: “Do you want a job?” Quick as a flash, Jones answered: “Put a bit of paper in front of me - you know what it’s like. It’s the same old rules isn’t it - you put a bit of paper in front of somebody.”

Laws asked again: “Why don’t you come here and work with me? We could set the world on fire you and me.”

To which Jones answered: “Why not?”

As well, the two radio veterans talked about the fact The Kyle & Jackie O Show which recently won the ratings for radio on both AM and FM. Jones said: “I never begrudge anyone’s success and they’ve earned it. They’ve worked hard for it. They’ve been at it for a long time and they’ve hung in [there]…”

Jones added: “At the end of the day, he’s not stupid, Kyle. He’s got real instinct and he’s relatable that people out there can relate to him. Says it as it is. And he can be amusing and entertaining, but equally he can cut through.”

“The bulk of the people in radio never win a single survey. You and I are very fortunate, we’ve won thousands of them. But there are people out there who go hard at it every day and have never won a survey,” Laws said.

So, if this chat between Jones and Laws is anything to go by, we could be seeing a partnering of the former radio rivals. They certainly seem to be getting on very well. Towards the end of their talk, Jones praised Laws, saying: “You are the legend of Australian broadcasting and the voice of a nation.”

Laws wrapped up the talk and referred to Jones as “his friend,” admitting they’d had their disagreements in the past but they’d got over these very quickly. Laws added:

“As I’ve said on numerous occasions, I have respect for Alan. I think he’s an excellent broadcaster and I think he’s got an extremely interesting mind and that makes him a cut above the rest – believe me.”

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