Melody Teh


Wed, 22 Apr, 2015

The most common mistakes women make with skincare products

The most common mistakes women make with skincare products

These are the classic mistakes women make in their skincare routine (and the simple tricks to fix them).

Buying expensive creams

If it cost a lot of money it must work miracles? Wrong. You don't need to most expensive creams in the beauty aisle, you need to buy the right products for your unique skin concerns. 

Being rough around the eyes

Puffiness, dark circles and fine lines are some of the problems that arise when it comes to your eyes as you age. Did you know, however, that being rough or using too much product could be one of the causes of these concerns? You should dot/pat products on and only being using a pea-sized amount or less.

Skipping the SPF

Sunny or overcast, you NEED TO WEAR AN SPF ALL OF THE TIME! Rain, hail or shine, UVA rays can do damage to your skin whenever you are outdoors.

Using products in the wrong order

Rule of thumb: apply your cream in order of consistency starting with the thinner cream first. For example, serum are generally super-fine and should be applied prior to your heavier creams. If not, your thicker creams will stop your serums from making their way deep into the skin and working their magic!

Cleaning skin "too" well

Yes it is true: you need to remove grime and dead skin cells for your skin to be at its healthiest. But don't fall victim to over-exfoliating, which can remove the skin's top layer that serves a a barrier to nasties such as the environment, toxins and the sun.

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