Joel Callen


Mon, 4 May, 2015

3 ways you can (and should) use bread to clean

3 ways you can (and should) use bread to clean

Ah bread. It’s such a staple in the diet of many of us. Unfortunately, what was once thought should be the base upon which a diet is built, has been reduced to a luxury for many thanks to the dreaded carbohydrate. But we’ve got some interesting ways to get bread back into your life – by using it to clean your house.

Pick up glass

Dropped a glass? Once you’ve picked up the larger shards, or swept them away, gently press a piece of bread into the smaller pieces. They’ll stick to the bread and lift right up. This makes a great alternative to pulling out the vacuum cleaner as glass can damage its interior.

Soak up spills

Bread is great at soaking up food spills before they soak too far into your tablecloth. From oily salad dressing, to gravy or red wine, a slice of bread can help save you from hours of stain-sponging.

Dust your paintings

You definitely don’t want to be using any kinds of chemicals on your favourite works of art, but a piece of bread should lift dust right off an oil painting. Just be careful to be gentle, and make sure you don’t leave any crumbs behind.

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