Basmah Qazi


Mon, 13 May, 2019

Chloe Shorten’s real name has been revealed

Chloe Shorten’s real name has been revealed

We know her as Chloe Shorten, the woman who may go on to become Australia’s next “first lady”.

But the woman who has gained popularity for her charm, intelligence and grace is also a surprisingly mysterious figure, and it just so happens that most of us don’t even know her real name.

According to Good Weekend, the 47-year-old was named Clothilde Bryce at the time of her birth. The unique name is pronounced as klaw-TEELD, or klo-TEELD.

The moniker originates from Saint Clotilde and means “famous in battle.” In the same story, journalist Melissa Fyfe labels Chloe as a woman with charisma to burn, but someone who also struggles underneath the spotlight.

“But, every now and then, her eyes betray what an awkward and stressful situation this is – certainly not her preferred territory …” writes Fyfe.

She goes on to describe the mother-of-three as “shy”, “anxious” and someone who “dislikes scrutiny” but also “likes to carefully control her image”.

But even though the daughter of former Governor General Quentin Bryce is shrouded with secrecy, the majority of voters agree that she compliments Bill Shorten perfectly.

And while Australia has become more progressive as the years have gone on, the best tactic to winning an election still remains the same – having the perfect spouse.