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Thu, 12 Mar, 2015

Couple’s cat comes back from the dead

Couple’s cat comes back from the dead

A couple who cremated a cat they thought was their beloved pet was shocked to receive a call that it had been found.

John and Margaret Ross, both 73, were devastated to find a cat that had been run over and killed outside their home. The white, black and tan Maine Coon was identical to their Amigo and the Ross’s believed it was their beloved cat. With tears, they ordered the cat to be cremated.

Three weeks later, they received the shock of their lives. The vet called to say 19-year-old Amigo had been found.

The Ross’s soon realised they must have cremated somebody else’s pet cat.

Amigo The Cat

“It was exactly the same cat as ours, same colour, same everything. It had been badly injured and was definitely dead,” said John, continuing, “We picked him up and took him home. We were absolutely devastated. We said ‘this is our cat, he has been killed, can we have him cremated? We didn’t check the microchip. We thought there was no point checking the chip of our dead cat.”

But when the call came and they jetted off to the veterinary hospital, they found Amigo safe, sound, and very much still alive.

“We shot off to the hospital and there was Amigo. We said ‘Is he completely deaf? Has he got cysts on his back?’ The vet said yes and we knew he was our Amigo. We couldn’t believe we got him back. But then it struck, we’d cremated the wrong cat,” said John.

A spokesperson from the crematorium said the ashes of the unidentified cat would be scattered in its gardens.

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