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Carrie Bickmore opens up about her horror return to work

Carrie Bickmore opens up about her horror return to work

Mothers are truly unspoken superheroes. They’re able to juggle work, crying children, sick husbands, temper tantrums and need we go on?

And while it’s stressful and chaotic, it’s nice to know that even those who lead glamorous lives in front of the camera are prone to challenges people face every day.

Taking to Instagram to share a heartwarming snap of her youngest daughter, The Project host revealed that her household hasn’t been all smiles this week.

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A post shared by Carrie Bickmore (@bickmorecarrie) on Mar 3, 2019 at 4:26pm PST

Writing to her 602,000 Instagram followers, Bickmore confessed that her first week back to work hasn’t come without its challenges, as her entire family was bogged down by a series of illnesses.

“Week 1 back on radio certainly packed a punch!” wrote Carrie.

The household had gastro, colds and nits. Welcome back to work mummy!!!

“What will week 2 bring?!”

It didn’t take long for the snap to gain traction, as fans across the country commended Bickmore on her ability to juggle her personal and professional life.

“Good on you for going back to work and being honest about how bloody hard being a working mum is!” wrote one user.

“Good luck for week 2.”

Another joked that the mother-of-three should “worm the family too, just in case, based on your bad week”.

The post encouraged other fans who are in similar situations to share their stories, to help Bickmore feel that she wasn’t alone.

“3 sick kids here since last Monday and I went to work today for some me time,” wrote one mum.

One follower revealed that she was also in the same situation and sympathised for the radio and TV star.

“2 ear infections, gastro and now mild bronchitis!!” she said.

“Not sure how this mummy and work thing fit in at the moment.”

The Gold Logie award winner is no stranger to juggling motherhood and her career, as she is also a mum to Ollie, 11 and Evie, 3.

Her post came a few short hours before her return to radio on Hit Network, with her co-host Tommy Little.

The 38-year-old is currently broadcasting live from her home so she can remain close to her new daughter Adelaide.