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Bernard Tomic returns for another explosive interview on 60 Minutes

Bernard Tomic returns for another explosive interview on 60 Minutes

Ah, Bernard Tomic. He’s done it again! As he sits down for another interview with a major television network, it can be easy to forget how often he’s managed to annoy the Australian population with his careless comments.

It first started in 2017, after he was eliminated from Wimbeldon, and told Channel 7’s Sunday Night at the time that he only had to put in 50 per cent effort and still earned millions for his troubles. 

“Wouldn’t anyone want to take a job in a professional sport in one of the biggest sports in the world and only give 50, 60 per cent and earn millions of dollars?” he said last July. “I think everybody would take that.”

He then continued his tirade against his career, where he told The Project that he regrets getting into the tennis industry.

Tomic told host Carrie Bickmore in 2018: “I don’t love tennis but I like it a lot and it’s something that I need to do and I need to do as best as I can,” he explained.

This year, he’s continued to alienate his fellow Australian players, by accusing Davis Cup captain Lleyton Hewitt, where there were claims Tomic made threats to Hewitt’s family members and his wife.

That should bring you up to speed on his colourful history around the press. However, it’s not like he’s learnt his lesson, as Tomic is sitting down with Allison Langdon from 60 Minutes.

Langdon doesn’t hold back as she tells the star in a preview of the interview: “The problem you have is that people don’t like you. You’re seen as lazy, selfish, a brat.”

Tomic then winks at the host and Langdon is not impressed at all.

It seems like 60 Minutes this weekend is shaping up to be an interesting segment indeed.

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