Alex O'Brien


Tue, 12 May, 2015

This is what a baby porcupine looks like…

This is what a baby porcupine looks like…

Flying under the radar, zoo keepers only spotted baby porcupine, Kevin, during an annual stock take but he’s been a welcome surprise for the German zoo that is already describing him as one of their biggest stars.

Kevin Porcupine 3

Weighing just one-and-a-half kilos, Kevin was spotted by staff at Hagenbgack Zoo in Germany who had no idea that the North American porcupine had been born until they found him in the enclosure. 

While he’s just a wee baby now and his spikes are soft and fluffy, the North American porcupine will grow to be among the biggest in the world – and the spikes will get much stronger and sharper.

He was named after zookeeper Kevin Surmilo, 34, who found the cub and takes no chances with his spikes, wearing thick leather gloves as he presented to cub to the adoring crowds.

Kevin Porcupine 2 (1)