Alex O'Brien


Fri, 29 May, 2015

Pygmy hippo born at Melbourne Zoo

Pygmy hippo born at Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo’s pygmy hippo, Petre, has given birth. Hippo, hippo, hooray – the birth marks the first of the endangered species to be born at the zoo since 1981. 

Zookeepers were able to witness the calf's arrival via CCTV just before noon on earlier this week. It's the first for father Felix and the fourth for mother Petre. 

Petre and her baby, whose gender is still unknown, have spent a few days bonding and feeding in private since the birth.

Melbourne Zoo wild sea precinct manager, Justin Valentine, said Petre had been attentive and gentle with the calf, which zookeepers have been monitoring 24 hours a day on CCTV footage.

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