Joel Callen


Mon, 18 May, 2015

Are avocados in danger of being wiped out?

Are avocados in danger of being wiped out?

It’s no surprise that avocados have become so popular in recent years. With their status as a “superfood” and the way they feel like an indulgence that’s better for you than most, they’ve taken off as one of the most popular berries in the world (because, yes, they are berries). But could their newfound and growing popularity be driving avocados to scarcity?

Three of the world’s largest hubs for avocado supply are California, Chile and Mexico. California typically produces a quarter of a million kilograms of avocados per annum. As you may know, 98 per cent of California has been classed as in drought. Considering it takes 318 litres of water to produce around half a kilogram of avocados, it makes them a costly indulgence.

In Chile, there has been an eight-fold increase in avocado farming over the last 25 years. According to Mother Jones magazine, this increase in farming is draining the groundwater and village wells. In Mexico, the majority of avocado groves lie within the state of Michoacan, an area largely controlled by the Caballeros Templarios cartel. The local avocado industry is so rife with murder and extortion that some experts refer to the produce as “blood avocados”.

So with demand on the rise, and supply looking sketchy, could avocados start to become more and more scarce? Only time will tell.

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