Fri, 26 Jun, 2020

“Australia is evolving”: Sam Newman singled out in powerful speech

“Australia is evolving”: Sam Newman singled out in powerful speech

Yoyaki Footy co-host Bianca Hunt has delivered a scathing monologue about Sam Newman's departure from the Nine Network and commented about the changing media landscape.

Sam Newman and Channel Nine ended their 35-year partnership after Newman labelled George Floyd a "piece of shit" during his You Cannot Be Serious podcast.

Newman took issue with anyone who "made a monument about Floyd" after Floyd was murdered at the hands of police.

Hunt said that Newman's departure could signal a change in the media landscape.

“This week, Channel Nine and Sam Newman, ahem, ‘mutually parted ways’ after Newman called the late George Floyd a crackhead, a pornstar and a piece of s**t,” Hunt began.

“Enough to lose your job right?

“But then again, so is sexualising female journalists live on air. So is calling a Malaysian man a monkey then comparing him to Serena Williams. So is demeaning little people or making transphobic slurs. So is black face and how it makes Nicky feel along with the rest of our mob.

“Surely each of these warranted a ‘mutual parting’ of Newman and network right? So, why now?

“Perhaps it’s because the tide is slowly turning.

“Maybe, thanks to films like The Final Quarter and The Australian Dream and courageous journalists like Caroline Wilson and Susie O’Brien, Australia is evolving into a more accountable place. One that doesn’t tolerate entertainment underpinned by bigotry, one that cuts through the boys club when they close rank and defend bigots.

“Maybe viewers are at last demanding entertainment that doesn’t demean diversity but celebrates it."

Hunt finished her monologue with a warning.

“If that sounds like your cup of tea, stick with us. Whilst Newman might be finished, we’re just getting started.”