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Thu, 4 Jun, 2015

Aldi named Australia’s cheapest supermarket

Aldi named Australia’s cheapest supermarket

In a thorough consumer survey completed by CHOICE, discount grocery giant Aldi has come out on top as Australia’s cheapest supermarket. With a basket of items costing up to half that similar products would cost at Coles and Woolworths, Aldi is proving it can’t be matched in the price wars.


It’s important to note, however, that the basket of groceries bought at Aldi was made up of its own “private label” brands (brands produced by another company, but sold under the Aldi branding). When shopping only the Coles or Woolworths private labels instead of the “brand name” products, shoppers can save up to a third off their grocery bill. Still a long way off Aldi’s lower prices.

Average grocery basket price comparisons:

Aldi private label = $87.68

Coles private label = $114.24

Woolworths private label = $119.40

Coles brand name = $174.97

Woolworths brand name = $176.77

Grocery Baskets

Source: CHOICE

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