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Alan Jones shocks Q&A audience with brutal advice to bullied MPs

Alan Jones shocks Q&A audience with brutal advice to bullied MPs

Alan Jones drew audible gasps when he said bullied female MPs should “take a teaspoon of cement and toughen up”, on last night’s Q&A.

Speaking of the Liberal leadership spill, the 2GB broadcaster said the party were right to depose former PM Malcolm Turnbull.

“Turnbull started this by attacking a democratically elected leader and imagines the same rules shouldn’t apply to him,” he said.

He also rebuked Turnbull for resigning from parliament and flying off to New York and said he should have defend his seat.

But it was the fiery commentator’s remarks about the alleged bullying of female MPs that shocked the audience.

“Politicians know the game they’re going in to and it is tough and it is confrontational and it is antagonistic at times.

“I would recommend some of them who are saying they’re being bullied — they need to take a teaspoon full of cement and toughen up.”

He said he had little sympathy for people in that position and that accusers should name names or stay quiet.

“If these people have complaints, surely they should articulate against whom the complaints are being made? Otherwise you can accuse anybody of anything.”

Defence industry minister Steven Ciobo, who was on the panel, distanced himself from Jones’ comments, calling Banks “a terrific woman”.

“Our Westminster system is an adversarial system. The table is broad enough to stop two swords from touching. That doesn’t mean that anything goes. We need to tackle the cultural issues. We need to be seen to be doing it because we’re enforcing it in other workplaces,” he said;

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has vowed to stamp out bullying of MPs after Julia Banks quit over what she claims were pressure and intimidation tactics used during the leadership spill.