Alex O'Brien


Thu, 2 Apr, 2015

6-year-old girl saves man from house fire

6-year-old girl saves man from house fire

A six-year-old girl has come to the rescue of her neightbour in Park Hills, Missouri. The Daily Journal reported that little Kate Gibson was awoken by “light dancing on her walls,” and her mum, Tennille Gibson, quickly realised that their neighbur’s home was on fire. Tennille called 911, and banged on the home’s door to wake the man, and luckily he escaped unharmed – although sadly his home was not quite as fortunate.

The Fire Department responded at 1.30am and Assistant Chief Jason Stam said when they reached the story and a half residence there was heavy fire flowing out of the upper south floor of the building.

“Everyone was out of the house and there were no injuries,” said Stam. 

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