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Wed, 30 Dec, 2015

6 clever uses for silica gel bags

6 clever uses for silica gel bags

The tiny packets of silica gel are a mainstay of new bags and shoes, and are often thrown out as soon as a new item is purchased. But they actually have a range of practical uses!

An ordinary 10g bag of silica gel can absorb up to four grams of water, which lends it to a variety of practical purposes. We’ve taken a look at a few you should try next time you get a pack.

1. Preserving old photos and books

A few packets of silica gel placed strategically in a photo album can ensure your memories will be preserved for years to come, while packets placed in dusty old books can get rid of any bad smells.

2. Keeps your make-up bag fresh

To help stop powder-based products in your makeup bag from becoming too sticky, you can simply place a few silica pouches in your make-up bag, which will keep it fresh as a daisy.

3. Saving drowned phones

Of course, there are some cases where your phone will be too far gone, but if you’ve dropped your phone in a pool, puddle or even a toilet try leaving it in a bowl of silica bags. This variation on the bowl of rice method is said to be 10 times more effective.

4. No more smelly gym bags

Gym bags generally smell the opposite of good after they’ve been full of damp clothes and sneakers all days. By a few silica gel packets in your gym bag can help eliminate dampness, and rob the bacteria in the bag of the moisture it requires to thrive. A useful solution!

5. Keep silver items shiny

Tarnish is a layer of corrosion on silver caused by the reaction with the material and chemicals in the air, and humidity increases this considerably. To protect your fine silver, wrap it in silica gel packets.

6. Packing wet clothes

How many times have you been leaving a hotel with damp clothes and no choice to pack them in with the rest of your luggage? A few packets of silica gel helps eliminate dampness in your suitcase.

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