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Tue, 7 Apr, 2015

Queensland girl receives prosthetic hand made by 3D printer

Queensland girl receives prosthetic hand made by 3D printer

A young girl in Queensland is looking forward to finally learning how to use the monkey bars after her new prosthetic hand was created by a 3D printer.

Piper Murray was born without fingers on her right hand, but did not qualify for a government-funded prosthetic limb. Just a few months ago, however, Piper’s mother Lauren read about 3D printers on a blog she loves. Ms Murray contacted the blog editor’s brother, who owned one of the incredible printers, asking about the possibility of printing a hand for her daughter.

Using software that is freely available online, the hand was printed in around 30 hours, and cost just $20. And as an added bonus, Piper was able to choose the colours for her new hand.

The hand’s creators are now working on a more advanced design which will give people the ability to move each individual finger.

Image Credit: 9News

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