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Fri, 25 Aug, 2017

The secret to Lisa Wilkinson's happy marriage

The secret to Lisa Wilkinson's happy marriage

Lisa Wilkinson and Peter FitzSimons have been married for nearly 25 years and they’re as much in love as ever.

In a candid interview on 9Honey podcast Super Mums, Lisa spoke openly about how incredible her husband is.

“He’s a fantastic dad,” she said with pride, adding, “In terms of his professional life … I think he’s an exquisite writer. He makes me cry constantly.”

Of course, Lisa has some grumbles about her husband of almost 25 years.

Apparently, Peter regularly throws his trademark red bandannas into the family wash and in doing so has “killed” countless garments from Lisa’s wardrobe.

She laughs as she retells how dozens of white shirts have turned pink.

But their relationship is based on genuine love and respect, says Lisa. Everyone has flaws, but you work through those things.  

“You just work out the things you love about someone and you work out the things that absolutely give you the shits about someone … and you ignore those. You just have to.”

The perfect pair met after Nine network journalist Liz Hayes played matchmaker. She was hosting The Today Show at the time and Peter was a reported for the show. Liz felt that he and her flatmate – that’s Lisa – would get along. Nine months later, Lisa and Peter walked down the aisle to get married. 

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