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Tragic news about Lisa Marie Presley emerging

Tragic news about Lisa Marie Presley emerging

A shocking report from the US suggests Lisa Marie Presley in on a path to self-destruction and is wasting away after losing a whopping 35kgs, due to drug use. 

The report, which appeared in the popular American magazine Globe, cited an “unnamed insider” who made extraordinary claims about the heiress’s health.

The insider said, “Lisa Marie is a drug-addicted mess. She’s become a wraith and her weight has dropped to a shocking 99lbs (45kgs). She may well have passed he point of no return. Her organs are in failure, with her liver already collapsed. People around her have tried to help, but it’s no use. She’s going to end up just like her father.”

The insider suggests Presley’s divorce and custodial proceedings with her soon-to-be-ex-husband Michael Lockwood are partly to blame for the tragic events.

The insider said, “Lisa Marie claims she was suffering from severe back and throat problems and that’s why she needs pain pills. She’s out of control… Even her own mother, Priscilla, has grown tired of having to babysit her and has sided with Michael in the custody battle for their twins girls.”

Presley has yet to comment on the magazine’s allegations.