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Mon, 16 May, 2016

8 things filthier than a toilet seat

8 things filthier than a toilet seat

It seems that almost every day we hear about something new that’s “dirtier than a toilet seat”, but the fact is that these objects we turn to several times a day could be making us sick. Prepare the antibacterial wipes, you’re going to need them after you read this.

  1. Your mobile phone, tablet or computer – okay, so this one is almost common knowledge by this point, but it’s an important reminder given that on average we touch our phone about 85 times a day. We recommend using an alcohol wipe on the screen (or keyboard, if you’re using a computer) at least once a week, just to make sure you don’t keep building up germs.
  2. Your desk – you may be sitting at one right now, but did you know your workspace is a whopping 100 time dirtier than a toilet seat? Thankfully, this is easy to change – just grab an antibacterial wipe and clean your desk once a week.
  3. Elevator controls – do you live in an apartment? You might want to think twice about using those lift buttons – they’re packed with 40 times more bacteria than your toilet seat.
  4. Cutting board – yep, that wooden plank you use every single day to prepare your food has 200 times more germ than a toilet seat. Click here to read our tips on how to get the most out of a cutting board.
  5. Your carpet – what’s cosier than soft carpet? Bacteria tend to agree. 4,000 times more live in your carpet than on your toilet seat, so get vacuuming every week!
  6. Your bag – most women don’t leave the house without it, but your bag (particularly the handle) contains 10 times the amount of germs of a toilet seat, so make sure you clean it regularly.
  7. Money – it goes without saying, but money is downright filthy. Each note carries around 3,000 types of germs, and sadly there isn’t much we can do about it! Just make sure you wash your hands after touching it.
  8. Ice – it sounds strange, but worrying research found that 6 in 10 fast food restaurants use water with higher levels of contaminants than toilet water. Gross!
Do you have any quick and easy cleaning tips to share with us? We’d love to hear them, simply add a comment below.

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