Ben Squires


Thu, 7 Apr, 2016

Can you see the leopards in this photo?

Can you see the leopards in this photo?

This picture, taken at South Africa’s Royal Kruger National Park, looks unremarkable enough at a first glance. But there’s something hiding in the trees.

Two leopards, some of Africa’s most elusive big cats, are hidden in the trees, using their spots to camouflage themselves with the surrounds.

This One

Can’t see them in the image above? Scroll down for a better look!

Leopard In Twet 2

Still can’t see them? That’s because leopards are masters of camouflage.

We’ve pointed the leopards out in the image below.

Leopard In Twet 3

These photos were taken by South African guide Arno Pietersen as he was guiding tourists through the park. Mr Pietersen, said, “The leopards were trapped in the tree because the hyena was waiting on the ground for them. There are lots of competition between the predators, and hyenas will try to kill leopard cubs if the opportunity arises.”

It just goes to show you the power of camouflage!

If we were walking through the park we probably would have missed them entirely! 

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