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Thu, 14 Apr, 2016

Elizabeth Taylor's granddaughter shares candid details on their relationship

Elizabeth Taylor's granddaughter shares candid details on their relationship

We assume being the child of a celebrity can have its ups and down, but being the grandchild sounds just perfect.

Elizabeth Taylor was quite close to granddaughter, Elizabeth Carson, the daughter of Maria Burton (Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's adopted child). And Elizabeth Carson has shared some loving memories of her grandmother, who despite living a life in the limelight, was just like any other grandmother.

When the young Elizabeth Carson was 17, she stayed with her grandmother in her iconic Bel Air estate, complete with fluffy wall to wall white rugs and a Warhol of the superstar hanging on the wall. They had taken a trip together to the Dominican Republic for a couple of weeks and both “didn’t want to say goodbye,” so she spent the whole summer with her.

Taylor also played a crucial role in that most fundamental of American high school rituals; the prom. "For my Junior and Senior prom, she did my hair and makeup," she said. She even recalls going make up shopping with her grandmother, for about fifteen minutes, before she was recognised and had to be escorted out of the store.

She also recalls her grandmother being very generous. Grandparents always love to shower their grandchildren with gifts, but the icon’s means were far beyond most people’s wildest imagination. Carson recalls receiving “These beautiful, huge chandelier earrings from India with rose quartz, diamonds, and pearls. I will absolutely keep them for the rest of my life”.

However, the part of her grandmother's legacy that is dearest to her, is he humanitarian side. "She always stood up for what was right. I work for the Department of Child Protection in Manhattan. I'm doing social work. And I'm also an Ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, along with my cousins."

“Eliza,” as she likes to be called, seems to be doing an excellent job of living up to her famous name.

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