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Wed, 27 Jan, 2016

Ridiculous amount someone willing to pay for photo of potato

Ridiculous amount someone willing to pay for photo of potato

Someone out there in the art world obviously has more money than sense or an unhealthy fascination with potatoes, or both!

Photographer Kevin Abosch has recently sold a photograph of a potato for £750,000 ($1.5 million).

Mr Abosch is better known for taking portraits of celebrities like Johnny Depp, Bob Geldof and Steven Spielberg and even he acknowledged the price tag for the vegetable was a little absurd.

Kevin In Text

Kevin Abosch self portrait

Mr Abosch reportedly sold the photo over dinner with a wealthy businessman.

"We had two glasses of wine and he [the businessman] said, 'I really like that.' Two more glasses of wine and he said: 'I really want that,' “Abosch said, "We set the price two weeks later. It is the most I have been paid for a piece of work that has been bought [rather than commissioned]."

So wine had a little bit to do with the transaction. Well, that probably makes sense.

Image credit: Twitter / Kevin Abosch

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